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Edith and Tim first met in 2001 at the annual Viennese Ball when they were both undergrads at Stanford University. While Edith was struck by Tim's dashing good looks and he was enchanted by her fun loving spirit, they did not reconnect until two years later when Edith was a grad student and Tim was a sketchy "I've already graduated but I'm still hanging out on campus" student. During this period, Edith led Tim's bible study while he graded her marketing final paper.

Sparks flew when they attended Viennese Ball together in 2003. Unfortunately, Edith had to move to Toronto for medical school months later. Determined not to let her go, Tim pursued her all the way to the Great White North, eventually relocating in the freezing Toronto downtown for a year.

Four years later, these love birds reunited in California when Edith was accepted into the medicine residency program at Stanford. Through God's grace and support of loving friends and family, Edith and Tim have thrived despite the ups and downs of dating through a medical career and a technology startup in a long-distance relationship.

They would like to acknowledge the following parties for supporting their relationship:

  • Air Canada and United Airlines for the flights between San Francisco and Toronto
  • AT&T Wireless and PacBell for the "Call-all-you-want" plans to Canada
  • Logitech for the video camera used for video conferencing
  • The Toronto Airport Express bus for bringing Tim safely to Edith's home
  • US Border and Customs for not questioning why Tim was crossing the border so often
  • Our friends who supported us in California and Toronto
  • Our families in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, London, California, Japan, Taiwan, France, Australia