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Eriko |
Congratulation on your wedding.I cannot go to Hong-Kong tomorrow, but I wish your happiness!
Orlando Leung |
I apologize for such late notice. Regretfully I will not be able to attend your big event. I wish you a most beautiful wedding. May your life together be filled with love, happiness, good health and success.
Andrew Deonarine |
Congrats Edith and Tim, good luck with everything!
Carrie |
Congratulations Edith and Tim! I keep saying "Aww..." whenever I look at your website. Both of you look so happy and lovely together. I wish both of you even more happiness in your future!
Brian and Andrea Tsang |
Congratulations Edith and Tim! Fantastic website and great stories. :)
Chun Wah Lai |
What a love story leading to this union! I share the joy of fellow Nittany Lions Edwin and Hwei Tsong as well as Edith's parents in this great occasion. Wish both of you, Edith and Tim, a forever happy and rewarding partnership!
Sharon Liu |
Reading through this website and your love story in growing brought tears to my eyes... so touching, amazing, and alive! Edith & Tim, continue to shine!! My warmest congratulations and best wishes to you and your family ~~
Rae-Eun |
Congratulations, Edith & Tim! What a lovely couple and I wish you all the happiness throughout your married life!
Gary & Jerri Clemons |
So THAT's why you went to Toronto, Tim! Needless to say, it was well worth it! :) The happiness you've shown over the last few months over your coming marriage has been wonderful to see, and we can't wait to meet your blushing bride. We'll continue to pray for you guys before and after the wedding, and will look forward to many years of marriage to come. God bless you both! - G & J
Jennifer Camota Contreras |
Hi Edith and Tim, I am in the gospel choir at ALCF but I don't know Tim very well. I decided to check out your website after Miguel kept talking about it at choir rehearsal. What a beautiful story! You two are wise to have friends around you who are believers and even those who are married and can mentor and prepare you for what lies ahead (that's cool that Enoch is Tim's spritual mentor - Enoch and I went to high school together and reconnected at ALCF). Marriage is a lot of work (you will both understand when you get there - I have been married for 15 years) and you are starting with the right foundation. God bless both of you and I hope that I get to know you both better in the future. Always remember that God has a better and greater plan than the one we have for ourselves. In Him, Jennifer
Anthony Butler |
This was incredible! I'm kind of inspired to start praying that God allows me the chance to experience this type of love & joy....oh, and someone to experience this with!! Congrats you guys!
Anna and Liam |
Congratulations Edith and Tim! This is a wonderful website. Unfortunately, we won't be able to attend (my cousin is getting married that same weekend) but I'm sure we will be able to meet up with you sometime. Best of luck in the future!
Max Lee |
As Edith's "boss," of course I plan to attend! Congratulations again on both your upcoming wedding and fellowship!
Jr Tagata |
Congrats you guys!!! Sooooo excited for y'all. I'm right behind you as I'm on the planning as well. Y'all just go, go, go!!!
Uncle Robert and Aunty Christina |
It is a perfect pick and arrangement by our Lord for a perfect young couple in such a perfect wedding! All thanks should go to Him. May God bless both of you, your Love and Happiness for ever!! This matching: Mo-duck-tung!!! This wedding : Mo-duck-ding!!! !!! [ask Edith if Tim don't understand :)] Lots of Love
Mom and Dad (Iris and Thomas) |
What a wonderful website. Never dreamt of such way of launching publicity when we were married 32 years ago. Mom and Dad have never known you that much without browsing through your informative web.
Mom and Dad |
How high tech it is. We wish we have this 34 years ago. Keep this website for life and revisit it every now and then in the future, it will always be finger licking sweet.
Brian Kim |
Awesome job with the website. Good luck with the rest of the planning.
wendy spies |
:) you guys are fabulous and i wish a whole world of happiness to you both!
gid |
this is awesome, great job you two! very blessed to have you two join the club! =)
Wasim Ahmad |
Such a terrific story - you both truly belong to each other - congratulations
Jasmine DeField |
Congratulations to you both!!! I learned so much more about the E&T match. It is truly a very thoughtful and elaborate website... so the engineering genius award goes to??? Looking forward to your wedding day!
Mike Chang |
Great to read through all the stories and more of the juicy details! Congratulations Edith and Tim!
Bev Chung |
My fondest memory of Eediee and our Sophomore Yr drawmates is belting our lungs out to "I will never find another drawmate, sweeter than you..." and of course, Eeed's mounds of boiled spinach ;) So happy for you two - huge CONGRATS on tying the knot!!
Liz |
Nice website! I made it into the engagement story, haha. Looking forward to it!
Nicole Kang |
Loving this website, especially since it gives me the opportunity to see my big bro for the first time with a goatee... So excited for the wedding and your new journey together! I love you both - always =)
Tricia Ho |
I really love the story of the proposal!!!!!
Tricia Ho |
OH THIS IS SO GREAT! What a wonderful website - best wedding website I've seen ever! I love the videos
Enoch Choi |
Congrats! This is going to be such a blast!
Pallavi |
Congratulations! I can't wait for the wedding! And the website is beautiful.
Kenneth |
I loved the stories and the photos here. Sooo funny! Great job and congratulations!
David Chao |
Congrats! Very nice job with the 2.0 version of Tim & Edith!
Neil |
Congrats again, and looking forward to the festivities! And wow, nice job on pulling this website together!
Armen |
This website is basically amazing. Nice work! Can't wait until the big day, and honored to be a part of it!
Sandra & Andy |
You guys are the ultimate corporation of a couple ;) Nice online presence! But seriously, congrats -- we are so excited for you and can't wait for the big day!
Catherine Liang Chew |
Congratulations Edith & Tim! Mark and I are so excited for your wedding. Love your website!!!