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Nicole Kang, Co-Maid of Honor

I met Nicole during my senior year of college when I invited her to my bible study.  She was a timid girl then but has grown to become a strong and mature woman. She has exemplified faith and perseverance through difficult times, and is certainly a role model for me.  Over the past eight years, Nicole has become my closest confidant and sister in Christ.  She played a key role in championing for my relationship with Tim, and insisted that I give Tim a chance (sister, you were right!).  She put Tim through some of the toughest tests of character and helped me see different aspects of Tim.  Nicole and I both appreciate fiber, particularly fruit and oatmeal.  She is a top analyst at Citigroup, living in San Jose, and dating a good boy in Michigan.



Tricia Ho, Co-Maid of Honor

Tricia is my younger and only sister, and my first playmate. We used to play teacher-student when we were kids.  When we were growing up in Hong Kong, she was kind enough to let me dress her up as Miss Hong Kong using a bed sheet as her gown and a broom as her wand. We also walked our pets together which included cats, birds, fishes, hen, rabbits, and chickens. When it comes to traveling, we are certainly the fearless “go-getters” on the ski slopes or in restaurants chasing after dim-sum carts into the kitchen. Although we once aspired to be cashiers at the local Hong Kong supermarket, we’ve pursued different careers in different continents. She is currently working in finance in London, England.  Nevertheless, we share the same mannerism; we also look and sound alike! 



Amy Wong, Bridesmaid

Amy is the cousin I love to hang out with.  We share a love for chewing bones, eating banana cake, and staring at posters of Andy Lau (Chinese pop singer).  Amy is instrumental in my career development.  When I first moved to Edmonton, Amy tutored me English. She taught me the meanings of BS (*all* its meanings!), MS, MD, and PhD, and encouraged me to pursue higher education. Amy has edited my countless scholarship and application essays to college, graduate school, medical school, residency, and most recently fellowship programs.  And I’m afraid this is not the end yet! Amy loves figure skating, works for the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research in Edmonton, Canada and will have her Masters in Public Health by the time I'm married!



Anh Le Yue, Bridesmaid

I met Anh when we were in grade 9.  She lived near the school and often invited me over for her mom’s delicious pho. (yum!). We considered boys an enigma and spurred each other on to attend our very first junior high dance where we started dancing with boys. Thankfully, our bright red faces were hidden by the dim lights in the gym. In high school, we recited lines from The Odyssey and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to each other to prepare for our English oral. We ate lunch in the biology quarter while battling fruit flies landing on our food.  Anh is one of the most genuine people I know and I am very grateful for our friendship. She is an acupuncturist and is residing in Edmonton , Canada with her husband Regan. She is also a proud mother of adorable Tiana and is expecting her second child!



Catherine Liang Chew, Bridesmaid

Cat and I lived in neighboring dorms and were in the same bible study freshman year.  One of her first and most vivid memories was my story about swatting flies on a trip to Southeast Asia.  Since then, we’ve developed many wonderful memories in IVCF and in Management Science and Engineering graduate classes.  Cat, Sandra, and I were prayer partners in grad school and continued to strengthen our friendship ties after college despite our respective locations in San Diego, Palo Alto, and Toronto.  To the amusement of our significant others, the three of us have an unusual habit of taking every photo permutation and talking endlessly when we are together.  Cat and I share the same value for uniting with old friends.  She is one of the few people I know who enjoys organizing get-togethers like I do. Cat is warm and cheerful, and she is one of the most likable people I know. Cat recently got married to Mark, and they are living in Los Angeles before heading back to Boston while Mark finishes his MBA at MIT Sloan.



Christina Choi, Bridesmaid

Christina is my soon-to-be sister and I’m super excited about it. She is a caring girl with a big heart. I also admire her baking and cooking skills. I was never a fan of mousse cake until I tried her orange chocolate mousse cake which I ate the whole thing in one sitting.  Her recipe is now famous among my entire family. She is currently in the Bay Area working as a genetic counselor and creating her next famous dish.







Olive Hui, Bridesmaid

“Edith, your sister is having a runny nose.” Olive whispered in Sunday school when we were 6 years old. These words marked the beginning of a 23 year friendship (still counting). She calls me “Meemug” and I call her “Deungdee”.  Olive was my first friend in life and the only friend who matched my height when I was a kid.  I admired her artistic talents so much so that I wanted to dress like her, sing like her, draw like her, and… be Olive!  Together with our friend Kathy and our sisters, we formed the “Out of This World” club after a hit Japanese anime.  Our birthday sleepovers together comprised of ghost-story telling, makeovers, dress-ups, and waking up my grandparents in the middle of the night.  When I moved to Canada at age 10, Olive and I kept in touch. Our snail-mail correspondences led to two music compositions that were sung in churches. She was my ideal partner-in-crime: we fought the attacks of swinging durians (yes, the stinky fruit), escaped from being caught by pretending to be Malaysian actresses, and got kicked out from MacDonalds for laughing too long.  Not surprisingly, Olive is now an actress and musician in New York, appearing in popular TV shows, films and commercial ads.



Sandra Liu Huang, Bridesmaid                             

We were perfect roommates in grad school – both night owls who thought sleep was overrated (not anymore!). We had a blast staying up writing emails, IM’ing each other in the same room, programming, and cooking for our drawgroup. Sandra, Catherine (my other bridesmaid) and I have been prayer partners since college. In addition to being world renowned for her multi-tasking skills, Sandra is also one of the most generous and talented people I know. I thank her for risking her life in teaching me to drive stick-shift on Hubert Pan’s car (sorry, Hubert) in college. She works for Facebook in Palo Alto and is happily married to Andy.  They are our young and fun model couple, and are expecting their first baby.



Susan Reilly Teschke, Bridesmaid

Without Susan, I would not have survived medical school.  She was my lifeline – she fed me her tomato lentils soup, studied with me, provided sanity, and gave me a shoulder to cry on.  She is one of the wisest, most thoughtful, and best listeners in my life.  As my first close married friend, she is preparing me well for what marriage is like. Susan taught me to appreciate people, plants (I used to hate plants), and simplicity in life. As a most trusted friend, she has kindly pointed out my character flaws and helped me work through them. We share the memories of medical school and our backpacking adventures in Panama and Peru. Susan is an internal medicine resident and is married to Jordan, who is a film-maker, Olympics gymnastics coach, and former D.J. They are both living in Winnipeg, Canada.



Kathy Chan, Bridesmaid                             

Want to know the latest fashion trend? Just look at what Kathy’s wearing. Ever since I met her in 1st grade Sunday school, I knew that she would be a fashion queen someday. Her keen eye for style was first showcased in our makeovers and dress-ups in the birthday sleepovers during our childhood years. Together with Olive and our sisters, we formed “Out of This World”, named after a hit Japanese anime, where we imitated the characters on the TV show. Although Kathy and I lived in different countries during our teenage years, we kept in touch. Recently, I visited her in New York and discovered a myriad of beauty products in her bathroom. We had a great deal of fun doing facials, eye masks, lip masks and the like. Aside from her artistic mastery, I also appreciate her outgoing personality, inspiring faith, and heartfelt sincerity towards her family and friends. She recently relocated from New York to Hong Kong, where she continues to create the next fashion trend.